Power Pro 2 in 1 Foam Roller Review

Power Pro 2 in 1

power pro 2 in 1


The power pro 2 in 1 is a well built foam roller. Combining multiple intensities in one package



Priced excellently for what it is. It is two foam rollers in one. It is priced right at $23.99


Our Rating

One of the best combo foam rollers on the market. Priced well, and is made well as well. It gives the users a well rounded experience.


The versatility of this foam roller is its greatest strength. It is the ability to choose where you want to start with your foam rolling practice that makes this foam roller unique. It gives the user the ability to pick between a softer foam roller or a harder foam roller.

Soft and Hard Rollers

The softer foam roller is great for the beginners in foam rolling or those that have a really tender spot on an athlete. The harder foam roller is great for the seasoned foam rolling practitioners. The pattern on the foam roller is a great way to get a self massage without having to go to a massage therapist.

The Price Is Right

This Foam roller is priced right where ti should be. It is two quality foam rollers under one roof and it is priced right were a lot of single foam rollers are. It is worth a look if you are in the market for a foam roller. You will not be disappointed by this foam roller.

Not Super Aggressive

IF you had to be picky about this foam roller you would knock on its pattern itself. The fact that it is not super aggressive. It is not as good as the RumbleRoller. It gets the job done but it is not super aggressive.

If you are looking for a combo foam roller you will not be disappointed by choosing this foam roller. You will covers the spectrum of intensities.


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    Combo Roller
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    Not as aggressive