Change The Way You See Risk


We are often told that any sort of thinking outside of the box is risky and the best way to live is to play it safe. Playing it safe means not having those tough conversations, not going all in, going for the job that is more guaranteed and has better health care.

We are told to take the predictable path in life of going to school, getting a good job, saving a bit into our 401k and retiring when we are 60 because it sounds good and its what makes us comfortable. The question becomes does what is comfortable also make us happy or were we designed to push the limits of what we are capable of?

The site is named Athletic Courage because being tremendous and living a legacy requires a great deal of courage. No matter what walk of life you are in; courage is a prerequisite for any success. The reason that courage is needed is that you can’t step forward without. Life has a way of making us fearful. No matter how stupid our fears may seem or be, we rationalize the power of them.


The Risk in Safety

We have trained to believe that there is a safe way and a dangerous way. The dangerous way leads us to pain and hurt, while the safe approach leads us to comfort and a sure thing. What if we were looking at this all wrong?

The risks of life depend on our perspective.For example, if we decide that we are going to go to college because that is the safe thing to do, we do not also see the risk. The risk of going to college is racking up student loan debt and not making enough money to pay for this debt.

That does not mean you should not go to college; it just means that you need to evaluate all of the risks, not only the risks the world tells you to look at.

The risk of safety is everything that you can lose from not taking the risk. It is a risk to leave a relationship you are very familiar with because you may not find someone right? But you are also risking giving up someone who could be way better for you.

How Does This Apply to Sport?

As an athlete, you have to evaluate the risks that you are taking. Are you risking getting hurt and if so are you risking the rest of your season?

Are you risking having a good relationship with your coach by not being honest? Willing to risk not getting into a school because you are pursuing large D1 schools?

The concept of risk and managing that risk applies to everything you do, and you need to be aware of it. By managing risk, you can find ways to de-risk a situation. When you de-risk a situation, it means you are finding ways to make it so that there is not as much risk in that choice.

So What…

The point of this is to change the way you see risk. Often when people say something is risky, they are only looking at one side of risk. There are many sides to risk though, and we have to be aware of this. We will never be able to reach our full potential if we only look at how others see risk.

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