Should I Follow, Lead, Or Leave?


I am not talking about following my inspirational tweets on Twitter. I am talking about something much more significant here. How is it that following can be so destructive to many people but at the same time there can be an excellent time to follow? It all comes down to the purpose of developing something and how long you plan to fall them for. When these two questions are asked following can be much more understood.

Why We Follow

Naturally, sometimes we just become the people we spend time around. We follow to feel more accepted, and we support because we think what someone else is doing is working better than what you have been doing.

If it is not authentic, it will not last so what is the point of all of it.

Why Following is Horrible

Well, being realistic following is not horrible it’s just that we follow the wrong people.  We tend to follow the Mike Tyson’s of the world instead of the Bill Gates of the World.  Many times as we grow more intelligent on situations we see that the reason we followed someone were pretty stupid.

When is it a good idea to follow

The key is to support people who know a lot more about where you are trying to go with your life. It is almost like having a mentor, someone who you can lean on and bounce your ideas off of.

It is just as important that no person is followed for an extended period because is extremely hard to walk a  path that someone else has walked and called it your own.  Sometimes we try to follow great people too long when we have taken in all the info we need, and it is time to part ways.

What is The Point Here

Evaluate things in your own life. It will not only make you a better athlete but a better person.

Ask Yourself

  • How many times have I changed what I was doing for others, and it hurt my training
  • Who influences my decisions the most and why?
  • Do people tend to follow what I am doing Or do I tend to follow them?
  • Do I have someone I can look up to and be mentored by?

Following is a simple matter but at the end of the day to follow me on twitter, or to follow a leader in society is ok but to follow someone because you think what they are doing is cool. Nah probably will not work out.

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