The Simple Formula for Running Faster

Discover our proven formula we used to make the 2012 Olympics and help get football players drafted because of their 40s. We know speed and we want to pass the knowledge to you so you can turn heads and reach your goals. Anyone can do this if they have the will to improve and work hard consistently.

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What You Will Get From the "Speed Kills" Course.

  • How to Sprint Faster
  • How to Stay Healthy Sprinting
  • Creating a Program That Works For You
  • Avoiding Major Sprinting Mistakes
  • Living a Healthier Athlete Lifestyle
  • Learning From Olympians

Just applying the strategies from this course, I was able to get my 40 time down to where it needed to be. Now commentators can't say my name without also saying "The Speedster!"

Shaquille Murray-Lawrence Shaquille Murray-Lawrence

More Things You Will Learn...

  • How to Get Faster at Home

    Getting fast is just as much about what you do at home as it is about what you do when you train. We are going to make sure you are making smarter choices at home.

  • Speed Requires Patience

    To get faster you actually have to be patient with your training and you need to be patient when you run. We will explain this all to you.

  • Workout Ideas

    We do not do cookie cutter workouts here. We give you a variety and let you choose which are going to be the best for you.

  • Get Your Runs Critiqued

    You will be able to email or text us videos of you running to get feedback so you can improve.

  • Avoid These Myths

    You probably believe something about speed training that is just not true. We want to set the record straight, so you don’t have any obstacles.

  • Keys to Keeping a Journal

    We are going to give you some cool stories on what a journal can do for you. It is one of the simplest things you can do to improve your speed.

  • Access Documents and PDFs

    Get access to sheets that can help you with all of your training. You can download them and carry them with you everywhere you go.

  • Video Content

    Don’t worry about having to read too much. Most of the teaching is in video format so you can sit back and relax while you learn.

  • Email Access

    Though the program will cover everything you need, it is still nice to get to talk with someone. You can reach out to us at anytime with questions.

Get Access to "Speed Kills"

Are you going to settle for not being your best? Even if you have a good coach, there are always areas you can get better. Being fast comes down to making the most of every movement of your body. You want to make sure that you have not overlooked anything. This speed course will have you shocking your friends with your speed!

By passing up the opportunity to learn from Olympians who have been where you want to be, you are giving up the chance to be your best. You don't have an unlimited amount of time to be great. You have to make the most of the talents and skills you have now as an athlete. The worst feeling is to get to the end of your career and know that you could have done more. You don't want to be denied the next level simply because your speed was not impressive.

Meet the Author

Ian Warner

Ian was an NCAA All-American at Iowa State and a 2012 Olympian. He runs the site Athletic Courage and has focused much of his life on helping athletes to succeed. He created "Speed Kills" because he understands the difference that being faster can make in any sport. As an athlete he was always curious, he never just did the workouts but he took the time to understand why he was doing everything.

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