Virtual Reality in the Real World

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As soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, the first thing I did was look for my cell phone and check my social media accounts. I wanted to look if I missed anything while I was asleep or if someone messaged me. As a matter of fact, before eating my lunch, I had to take a picture of how beautiful my plate has been served.

Before sleeping, I still browse my phone and check on what my friends have been doing, what is happening in the world, and the updates about my idol LeBron James. This happens every single day. Then I got to thinking, will I ever be able to survive without my phone, or let alone the Internet?

Are We Becoming Lazy?

In this day and age, more and more people become lazy. Maybe because of the presence of too many distractions, more and more time is being wasted by doing unimportant things. Before the rise of the Internet, our parents and grandparents did everything manually. Libraries were still being used; interviews and surveys were very much needed to gather information. Looking for a job means going through different companies.


Walking the long streets of the business district and printing out dozens of resumes to get decent jobs. But now, everything can be done in the confines of your home. You can simply type on google whatever you need to look up, and Viola! There it is. Even applying for jobs is done online.

Now, you can even earn while you’re at home. These are not necessarily bad things. Don’t get me wrong; I use my cellphone countless of hours every day. But there are lots of negative effects on people. One important thing, people, became lazy.

Time Spent on Social Media

According to statistics, a normal person usually spends 50 minutes on Facebook per day. If you think about it, it seems very short. But there are only 24 hours in a day. 8 to 9 hours you spend sleeping and eating. Another 8 to 9 hours you spend at work or school. Watching movies or television takes about 2.8 hours daily. Most of the extra time spares you use on your smartphones again, whether playing games or just simply browsing the web.


More often than not, we don’t realize that we have spent too much time of our phones that we don’t notice we are already late for something or that we don’t have enough time to do the thing we were supposed to do.

What Else Has Changed Because Of The Rise Of Technology?

One very noticeable change in the virtual reality is that in social media you can be anybody. Also, you can easily be friends with someone on Facebook but not even give a glance when you see each other in person. You can make stuff up about your life without people knowing the truth because, in the online world, you can.

You can say anything to someone for hours online but not have anything to say face to face. Moreover, it has wounded interpersonal relationships. There may even be cases when you are not even talking to people anymore. You get so engrossed in whatever you are doing on your phone that you forget that you are living in the real world.

Fake News

fake news

In connection with the deceitful world of social media, another negative effect that I have noticed is the proliferation of fake news. Even some of the biggest media companies have been accused of doctoring or staging dramatic situations to pull off an impressive news report. Because of social media, even the smallest details are being sensationalized.

The problem with this is that we tend to stray away from the critical issues. Once it becomes a trending topic, it becomes challenging to handle. You cannot merely control all those millions of people commenting and sharing false news or facts. Imagine the PR nightmare many companies are facing because of these social media know-it-alls.

Use of Gadgets


Nowadays, even babies get addicted to the use of gadgets and the like. I always notice that almost everywhere I go, there will always be kids holding cellphones, too engrossed in watching their YouTube videos even to hear what their parents are telling them.

But don’t get me wrong, with proper supervision and guidance, these can be great tools to help your children learn. You have to discipline them on how and when to use these gadgets.

Power of Social Media

But let us not underestimate the power of social media. It has helped a lot of people in the past years. Many people have already capitalized on online selling because they saw how useful it is. Advertising is essentially free unless you pay off Facebook to advertise for you.

social media

Social media management has become a platform for small and big companies alike to reach their market in a much cheaper and more efficient way. Many home-based jobs have Facebook to thank for giving them another way to earn money just by having an active Facebook account and knowledge on how to boost posts, gain more audience, and so on.

There Will Always Be Two Sides Of A Coin

Two sides in a story. But as long as we keep everything in moderation, we can make use of these available technologies to our advantage. There are countless ways on how the Internet can help you.

  • First, there are TV shows, movies and video sites you can watch when you are bored or feeling down.
  • Second, there are search engines that you can use whenever you are stumped on a particular work.
  • Third, there are self-improvement sites you can enroll to or just read through to learn some new things. And many, many more.

But you should always be wary that whatever you do, you must not let these distractions keep you from doing the important things. Go out and have a drink with your friends. Ask your spouse out for a romantic date. Bring your child to the park. Spend a weekend out of town with your family.

No matter how much social media has invaded in our lives, don’t let it keep you from going out and about in the real world.

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